Our story

Play Rhymes™ is an innovative, AI-powered social network for kids under 13 years. The first of its kind in the world that provides an avenue for parents to create, monitor, mentor, control and Manage their kids’ activities in a safe, secure and fully-integrated, cloud-based online platform

Play Rhymes empowers parents to design and take control of their kid’s online activities while enabling themselves to manage their parental duties exceptionally well through innovative smart parenting features. Play Rhymes’ groundbreaking strategy makes great things possible including providing the feasibility of syncing and integrating parents’ modules with children

Play Rhymes creates an ideal space for children to develop their social, mental, emotional and psychological abilities through an interaction with the world using mobile learning and safe, age-appropriate social network activities. It transforms parent-child engagement and provides numerous opportunities for them to spend quality time together which is essential to the holistic growth of children. This platform establishes the perfect place for kids to explore the wealth of knowledge in the digital world under the security and protection of their parents through its dynamic and well-planned design.

Play Rhymes incorporates more features beneficial to both kids and parents. The integration of next-generation, cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics transform parental control & social networking solutions to Educate, Mentor, Manage and Help parents raise physically, emotionally and socially brilliant kids.

Who are we?

At the helm of Play Rhymes is a global team of passionate and driven parents from diverse backgrounds who are on a mission to redefine social networking into a secure, streamlined and centralized platform for kids and parents. Our shared goal is to provide a safe, risk-free and family-trusted online platform where children can learn and engage driving the responsible, modern and smart parents to be happy and worry-free.